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Species Specific

Project Examples:

Looking for examples of particular types of animal exhibits? Projects are listed here by animal type. Some exhibits are highlighted with additional information to show the diversity of Jon's work:

Notes:  1973–1983: Work accomplished while Senior Associate or Partner at Jones & Jones, Seattle, WA, USA, noted as J&J. 1984–2003: Work accomplished as a Founding Partner of Coe & Lee which evolved into CLRdesign, inc. Philadelphia, PA, USA, noted as CLR.

*  Award Winning Projects


Great Apes and Other Primates:

  • Gorilla Exhibit, Woodland Park Zoo  J&J
  • Asian Primates, Woodland Park Zoo  J&J
  • Gorillas of Cameroon, Zoo Atlanta * CLR
  • Orangutan Exhibit, Zoo Atlanta *  CLR
  • Islands, Louisville Zoo (orangutan, siamang)  CLR
  • Gorilla Exhibit, Louisville Zoo *  CLR
  • Red Apes of the Forest, Los Angeles Zoo  CLR
  • Chimpanzee of Mahale Mountains, Los Angeles Zoo  CLR
  • Baboon Reserve and Village, Bronx Zoo *  CLR
  • Primate Panorama, Denver Zoo (multiple species)  CLR
  • Chimpanzee Exhibit, Detroit Zoo  CLR
  • Gorilla Exhibit, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo  CLR
  • Orangutan Exhibit, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo  CLR
  • Gorilla Exhibit, Riverbanks Zoo  CLR
  • Great Ape House Renovation Concept, Lincoln Park Zoo  CLR
  • Great EscApe, Oklahoma City Zoo (gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee)  CLR
  • Gorilla Exhibit, Villas Zoo CLR
  • Chimpanzee Concept, Chimp Haven Sanctuary  CLR
  • Orangutan Concept, Panaewa Orangutan Sanctuary CLR
  • PECO Primate Reserve, Philadelphia Zoo (multiple species)  CLR
  • Gorilla Exhibit, Monkey Jungle  CLR

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"Working in Jon's facilities at two zoos, and sending animals that I love off to three other zoos where he designed exhibits, I completely agree. His work (and that of his co-designers) is unparalleled, and he has a depth of understanding about apes that is phenomenal."

Andrea Walter

Zoo Keeper, Toledo Zoo



  • African Savanna, Pittsburgh Zoo * (elephant, rhinoceros) J&J
  • Hippoquarium, Toledo Zoo J&J
  • Elephant Exhibit, Bronx Zoo (elephant, Sumatran rhino, tapir) CLR
  • African Plains, Rodger Williams Zoo CLR
  • Asian Forest Concept, Denver Zoo (elephant, rhinoceros, tapir) CLR
  • Hippoquarium, Toledo Zoo J&J
  • Elephant Exhibit, Riverbanks Zoo CLR
  • Asian Forest Precinct, Taronga Zoo CLR

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Elephantin their sunny house.

Skylights provide abundant natural light for elephants at Rodger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI.  Photo: R. Robinson

Large Carnivores:

  • Black Bear and Wolf Exhibits, Northwest Trek J&J
  • Northern Trails, Woodland Park Zoo * (brown bear, wolf) CLR
  • Sumatran Tiger, Zoo Atlanta CLR
  • African Plains, Zoo Atlanta * (lion) CLR
  • Islands, Louisville Zoo (Sumatran tiger) CLR
  • African Savanna, Pittsburgh Zoo * (lion, Siberian tiger, leopard) J&J
  • African Savanna, Toledo Zoo * (lion, leopard) J&J
  • African Savanna, Staten Island Zoo (leopard) CLR
  • Habitat Africa!, Brookfield Zoo (hunting dogs) CLR
  • Wolf Woods, Brookfield Zoo CLR
  • Rocky Coast , Seneca Park Zoo (polar bears) CLR
  • Big Cat Country, Oklahoma City Zoo (lion, tiger) CLR
  • Big Cats Exhibit, Villas Zoo (lion, tiger) CLR
  • Big Cats Delbridge Museum and Zoo (Siberian tiger, snow leopard) CLR
  • African Village, Living Desert Reserve (leopard, hyena) CLR
  • Hyena Exhibit, Buffalo Zoo CLR

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Lion sunbathing

Zoo Atlanta lion exhibit's artificial rockwork was designed using solar calculations to insure warm sunlight in winter and cool shade in summer. Photo: Jon Coe


  • Regenstein Small Mammal Reptile House, Lincoln Park Zoo CLR
  • Aquarium Reptile Complex , Riverbanks Zoo CLR

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Green viper.

Photo: Jon Coe


Pinnipeds and Penguins:

  • Penguinarium, Oregon Zoo J&J
  • Sea Cliffs, New York Aquarium (penguin, walrus, seal, otter) CLR
  • Penguin and Sea Lion Exhibits, Seneca Park Zoo CLR
  • Penguin Exhibit, Louisville Zoo CLR
  • Penguin Exhibit, Riverbanks Zoo
  • Australian Coastal Precinct, Taronga Zoo CLR

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  • Historic Aviary Renovation, Toledo Zoo * CLR
  • Aviary and Avian Conservation Center, Riverbanks Zoo CLR
  • Habitat Africa!, Brookfield Zoo (savanna aviary) CLR
  • Islands Aviary, Louisville Zoo CLR

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Jon with friendly big bird.


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