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Clients and Projects

Planning and Design Experience: This is a listing of clients and their projects which Jon has worked on since 1975.  This is a long list, see Zoo Species Specific Examples or Botanical Garden Project Examples for a quick survey.

Notes:  1973–1983: Work accomplished while Senior Associate or Partner at Jones & Jones, Seattle, WA, USA, noted as: J&J. 1984–2003: Work accomplished as a Founding Partner of Coe & Lee which evolved into CLRdesign, inc. Philadelphia, PA, USA, noted as: CLR.   From 2004 as Jon Coe Design, Pty. Ltd. noted as: JCD.

*  Notes work accomplished as a consultant to HASSELL, Pty. Ltd., Australia


Planning and strategy development and implimentation for United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Shah Faladi Protected Area, Bamyan Province
          Management Plan strategy and site reconnaissance, Bamyan Province.

          Management plans strategy and implimentation for multiple mountain villages based upon disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.          

          Ecologically and community-based management plans in Bamyan, Daikundi, Badakshan, Nangarhar and Kabul provinces.

          Environmental Solutions, a Phrase Book for Eco-action in Afghanistan co-author.          

          The Ecotech Handbook, Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Afghanistan (Draft publication)

Wildlife Conservation Society (WSC)

          Band-e-Amir National Park Visitor Facilities Zone Physical Development Plan.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

     2010  Kabul Zoo  Vision Plan  for UNEP and WCS


Desert Wildlife Park, Alice Springs, NT
          *Master Plan

Territory Wildlife Park, Berry Springs, NT
     1998  CLR
          *Master Plan

Taronga Zoo, Sydney, NSW
     1999  CLR
          *Asian Forest & Elephant Exhibit Planning and Design
          *Australian Pinniped Exhibit Planning and Design
     2000 CLR
           * Master Plan Implementation Study
           * Gorilla Exhibit Concept
           * Creative Director for Sumatran Tiger Exhibit

Adelaide Zoo, SA
     2006  JCD
         *Immersion display of Orangutans and Sumatran Tigers
     2008  JCD
         *Giant Panda Exhibit Design Advisor
           * Master Plan Advisor

Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, Port Aruthur
     2006-present  JCD
          Master Planning and Exhibit Concepts

Zoos Victoria, VIC
     Healesville Sanctuary
         2015  Australian Icons exhibit planning advisor.
     Melbourne Zoo
          2008 Master Planning and Guiding Principles.

          2008 Growing Wild Concept Plan.  
          2011 Lemur Exhibit Concept Plan.

          2011 Carnivore Conservation Centre Concept Plan.

          2013 Predator Stage One Concept Plan.

          2015 Predator Stage Two Design Advisor.       

     Werribee Open Range Zoo
          2008 - 2009 Concept studies for Entry Area, Lemur Exhibit, Waterfowl Aviary and Gorilla Jungle.

          2017 Wolf and Baboon Research Report.   
          2018 Asian Elephant Facilities and Management Study.

          2019 African Waterhole Animal Rotation Concept.

          2019 Gorilla Shade and Shelter Study.

          2019 African Plains Shade and Shelter Study.

Sydney Wildlife World, Sydney
     2009-present  JCD
          Giant Croc Concept Plan with HASSELL
           Miscellaneous Planning Studies

Village Road Show Theme Parks
         Concept sudies for Gorillas and African Plains Exhibits


Tynehead Zoo, Vancouver, BC
     1978  J&J
          Master Plan

Valley Zoo, Edmonton, AB
     1989-90  CLR
          Master Plan

Metro Toronto Zoo, Toronto, ON
     1990  CLR
          African Plains Master Plan


Theme Park, Shen Zhen
     2004  JCD
         *Concept Plan

Ocean Park, Hong Kong
     2005 JCD
          Master Planning and Giant Panda Workshop

Dongkoucao Giant Panda Park , Sichuan
     2007—2008  JCD with NBWLA
          Master Planning and Detail Design

Jinahaigou National Park , Sichuan
          Entry Village Renovation Concept

Tanjiahé Naitoanl Wildlife Preserve , Sichuan
     2008   JCD with EDG International
          Master Plann


Frankfurt Zoo
     2009  with Zoolex
          Staff Training and Master Plan


Kakum National Park, Cape Coast
     1994-95  CLR
          Master Plan
          Interpretive Center


Coimbatore Zoo, Coimbatore
      1994  CLR
          Master Plan

Central Zoo Authority, Bhubaneswar
     2006  JCD
         Master Plan Workshop
         for Indian Zoo Directors

Thrissur Zoo, Kerala  JCD
          Master Plan
          Overall Design


Bali Safari and Marine Park , Bali
     2006—present  JCD
          Master Plan Design and Implementation
               See 2007 Photo Essay Phase One
               4.5 mb, use "Read Only" button and
                    right click for full screen or view "show"

Bali Safari and Marine Park , Bogor and Pregen, Java
     2013—present  JCD
          Master Planning
          Giant Panda Exhibit

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Zoo, Dubai
     2003 CLR
          Master Plan

Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort, Al Ain
          Advisor to Client

United States

Northwest Trek, Eatonville, WA
     1975  J&J
          Master Plan
          Open Range Exhibit
          Mustelid Exhibit
          Wolf and Bear Exhibit

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA
      1976-79  J&J
          Long-Range Plan
          African Savanna Exhibit
          Gorilla Exhibit
          Asian Primate Exhibit
     1995  CLR
          Northern Trail
               Wolf Exhibit
               Elk Exhibit
               Kodiak Bear Exhibit
               Otter Exhibit
               Mountain Goat Exhibit
               Eagle Exhibit
     1999  CLR
          Long-Range Plan Update
          Discovery Village Concept
     2004  CLR /JCD
          Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros Exhibit

Living Desert Botanical and Zoological State Park , Carlsbad, NM
      1977  J&J
           Master Plan

Walk in the Wild, Spokane, WA
      1979  J&J
          Master Plan

Pittsburgh Zoo, Pittsburgh, PA
     1979-81  J&J
          Master Plan
               Siberian Tiger Exhibit
               African Savannah Lion Exhibit
               Rhinoceros Exhibit
               Leopard Exhibit
               African Hoofstock Exhibit
               Elephant Exhibit
               Giraffe Exhibit

Tucson Botanical Garden, Tucson, AZ
     1980  J&J
          Master Plan

Oregon Zoo, Portland, OR (Washington Park Zoo)
     1981  J&J
          Beaver and Otter Exhibit

Toledo Zoo, Toledo, OH
     1981  J&J
          Master Plan
          African Savanna Exhibit
     2003  CLR
          Historic Aviary Renovation

Blythe Park, Seattle, WA
     1982  J&J
          Garden of Awareness

Hogel Zoo, Salt Lake City, UT
      1982  J&J
          Great Ape Complex Concept
     1994  CLR
          Central Area Concept

Turtleback Zoo, West Orange, NJ
      1984  J&J/CLR
          Master Plan

Bronx Zoo, New York, NY
      1984-92  CLR
          Elephant House Renovation
               Elephant Exhibit
               Sumatran Rhinoceros Exhibit
               Malaysian Tapir Exhibit
          Baboon Reserve and Village

Staten Island Zoo, New York, NY
      1985-92  CLR
          Master Plan
          Tropical Rainforest Exhibit
          African Savanna Exhibit

Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA
     1985-2003  CLR
          Master Plan
          Ford African Rainforest
               Gorillas of Cameroon
               African Forest Aviary
          Orangutan Exhibit
          Sumatran Tiger Exhibit
          African Plains
          Horticulture Master Plan

New York Aquarium, New York, NY
     1985-86  CLR
          Sea Cliffs
               Walrus Exhibit
               Sea Lion Exhibit
               Sea Otter Exhibit
               Penguin Exhibit

North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro, NC
     1986  CLR
          Master Plan

Roger Williams Zoo, Providence, RI
     1986  CLR
          Master Plan
     1988  CLR
          Elephant, Rhinoceros & Giraffe Exhibits

Denver Zoo, Denver, CO
1986-2003  CLR
          Primate Panorama
               Gorilla Exhibit
               Orangutan Exhibit
               Many small and mid-sized primate exhibits
          Master Plan
          Elephant Exhibit

Minnesota Zoo, Minneapolis, MN
      1987  CLR
           Master Plan Concept
     1999  CLR
          Orangutan Exhibit Concept

National Zoological Park, Washington, DC
     1988  CLR
          Rabitat – Children's Center Concept Plan

Brookfield Zoo, Chicago, IL
     1988-03  CLR
          Northwest Quadrant
          Master Plan
          Habitat Africa! Exhibit
          Wolf Woods

Detroit Zoo, Detroit, MI
     1988  CLR
          Chimpanzee Exhibit

Nashville Zoo, Nashville, TN
     1988  CLR
          Master Plan

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, CO
     1989-1991  CLR
          Master Plan
          Entry Complex
          Mountain Goat Exhibit
          Gorilla Exhibit
          Orangutan Exhibit

Trailside Museum, Bear Mountain, NY
     1989  CLR
          Master Plan

Scranton Zoo, Scranton, PA
     1989  CLR
          Master Plan

New Jersey Aquarium, Camden, NJ
    1990-91  CLR
          Master Plan
          Seal Exhibit
          Trout Exhibit

Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC
     1990  CLR
          Aquarium Reptile Complex
     1998  CLR
          Master Plan
     2000  CLR
          Entry and Promenade
          Elephant Exhibit
          Gorilla Exhibit

Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, CA
     1990 -98  CLR
          Master Plan
          Chimpanzee Exhibit
          Orangutan Exhibit
          Master Plan Update
          Children's Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester, NY
     1990-95  CLR
          Master Plan
          Children's Museum and Exhibits
          Polar Bear Exhibit
          Sea Lion Exhibit

Brandywine Zoo, Wilmington, DE
     1991  CLR
          Master Plan

Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL
     1991-93  CLR
          Heart of the Zoo Plan
          Small Mammal and Reptile House2000-02 CLR
          Great Ape House Renovation Concept

Honolulu Zoo, Honolulu, HI
     1991-92  CLR
          Asian Rainforest

Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City, OK
     1991-95  CLR
          Master Plan
               Great Ape Facility
               Gorilla Exhibit
               Chimpanzee Exhibit
               Orangutan Exhibit
          Big Cat Exhibit

Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth, TX
     1992  CLR
          Master PlanAmbience Study

Villas Zoo, Madison, WI
     1992-95  CLR
          Master Plan
          Great Apes Exhibit
          Big Cat Exhibits

Delbridge Museum and Zoo, Sioux Falls, SD
     1992-93  CLR
Master Plan
          Big Cat Exhibits

Chaffey Zoo, Fresno, CA
     1993  CLR
Master Plan

Bergen County Zoo, Bergen County, NJ
     1993  CLR
          Master Plan

Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, NY
     1994-96  CLR
          Master Plan
          Hyena Exhibit

Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA
     1995  CLR
          Carnivore Kingdom
     1999-2002  CLR
          PECO Primate Preserve
               Gorilla Exhibit
               Orangutan Exhibit
               Many other primates
     2009  JCD with CLR
          Master Plan Update
     2012 to present JCD with CLR
          Zoo 360 Concept – zoo-wide animal trail systems,
          Treetop Trail, Tiger Crossing

Louisville Zoo, Louisville, KY
     1995-2003  CLR
          Master Plan
          Food Service and Children’s Area
          Gorilla Exhibit
          Islands Exhibits
               Orangutan Exhibit
               Tapir Exhibit
               Tiger Exhibit

Como Park Zoo, St. Paul, MN
     1995  CLR
Gorilla Exhibit Concept

Little Rock Zoo, Little Rock, AK
     1996   CLR
          Master Plan

New York Botanic Garden, New York, NY
     1997-98  CLR
          Haupt Conservatory
          Children’s Adventure Garden Concept

Hershey Park Zoo, Hershey, PA
     1997  CLR
          Black Bear Concept

Living Desert Reserve, Palm Desert, CA
     1997-98  CLR
          Master Plan
          African Village

California Living Museum, Bakersfield, CA
     1997-2003  CLR
          Master Plan

San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, CA
     1998-2003  CLR
          Master Plan
          African Savanna Exhibit

Hilo Orangutan Sanctuary, Hilo, HI
          Master Plan
          Phase 1 Exhibit

Chimp Haven, Shreveport, LA
     2000-2003  CLR
          Master Plan

California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA
     2000-2003  CLR
          World of Ecology
               Master Planning
               Asian Rainforest
               California Kelp Forest
               Sonora Desert

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, Pittsburgh, PA
     2000-2003  CLR
          Master Plan
          Tropical Rainforest


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