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Zoological parks are evolving from popular menageries to become major contributors to wildlife conservation and education. This evolution has proceeded on multiple fronts which can be identified as trends. Where is your institution in terms of these trends, and where would you like it to be?


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Animal Husbandry


Education and Learning Experience

Business and Management

Innovation is what we do best! Innovation advanced through 30 years of zoo planning and design experience, informed by extensive field and technical research and publication, inspired by unique clients and opportunities...that's what we do. Who else has served over 50 zoological clients in many countries, constantly advancing the art and science of design in a spectrum of areas including animal husbandry, behavioral management, horticulture, conservation and entertainment. After all, design gives form and reality to innovation for the well-being of all.

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Bear and visitors interact through glass barrier. Woodland Park Zoo's Northern Trail.

Photo: K. Anderson

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