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Enrichment Conference
Wroclaw, Poland

Jon was the keynote speaker at this conference.

Read about the experience here.

Read Jon's Enrichment Conference paper.


See my presentation given at the Zoo and Aquarium Association Conference in Auckland in March:  "Next Generation Rotation Exhibits – Raceway Networks and Space to Explore "

Philly's Treetop Trails

Click to read what other people say and also, click here if you Want More Background On This Animal Movement Network Concept.

MEDIA Coverage

“Tiger Crossing”, the 100m long elevated and terrestrial big cat trail at Philly Zoo has been voted “Best Zoo Exhibit in the USA” in the “People’s Choice 10 Best” on-line voting poll by USA Today here for more information on this story.

Phil. Zoo's Big Cat Crossing Gets a Test Run at by Sandy Bauers on 6 March 2014. Photos and story inc luded.

Philadelphia Zoo lets tigers stretch legs on trail at The Washington Post on 8 March 2014. Video and story included.

Another video showing two tigers enjoying the crossing was taken by a zoo visitor..

Tree Tops TrailLAM article: "Watching Us Watching Them" ... "In Philadelphia, a new master plan reinvents how animals experience the zoo, people too."  Jonathan Lerner writes a good article about this exciting new concept!
Recent video of Elephants Swimming for Enrichment and Fun at the Melbourne Zoo.

Bali Safari and Marine Park has produced a new promotional video available on You Tube Video Link.


As some of you know, I've been consulting with the United Nations Environment Program in Afghanistan since 2009.

Photos from various trips here.

Jon in Afghanistan in 2009




Click to see the presentation The Future of Zoos as prepared for Canisius College Conference.
Video of the great new advances being made at Philadelphia Zoo with the Tree Top Trail system.
Click to see a photo essay on the Bali Safari Park.


The goal of Jon Coe Design is to collaborate in the creation of enriching and sustainable environments for people, plants and animals.

Photo of Jon Coe and friends

We specialize in planning and design of Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens

Our niche is:

Early involvement in preplanning and concept planning to help set the best course for the project.

Ongoing facilitation, consultation and participation on the client's behalf in large design teams.

Key sub-consultant in multi-disciplinary design teams.

Special resource for information about zoo planning and design.


These flexible approaches, developed from years of experience, make your dreams and ideas become effective built environments.


Want to learn more about "immersion", "storylines" and "message-driven design" or about design for behavioural enrichment, animal training or rotation exhibits? Visit the Trends section.

Contributions to the planning of over 150 projects for more than 60 zoo and aquarium clients in 7 countries are highlighted in this section...or check a short list of Species Specific projects.


The bibliography of Jon's publications is amazing in its scope and diversity. Many of these professional papers which cover important planning and design concepts are available as PDF files here. Some of Jon's non-professional writing is also included. "From the Field", a collection of poems from his travels and a short story, "The Dream Pig" are also presented. Visit Bali Safari and Marine Park project's Phase One — a slide show of a newly built park in Indonesia.

Planning and Design Experience – This is a long list, see Zoo Species Specific Examples or Botanical Garden Project Examples for a quick survey.

With a horticulturist father, Jon's education and interest in plants started at a very early age. Planning and designing botanical exhibits require many of the same tools as zoo work. Some botanical display trends are discussed here.

Several projects explore the re-creation of ecologically-based displays and unique learning environments.

Find Jon's resume and research travels here. Jon's innovative work has gained international recognition. Learn about project awards and his personal awards and media recognition here. Also find information to contact Jon Coe Design, Pty. Ltd. Email here!

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These two short videos give a preview of some activities that can be made available for animals living at zoos? Want to see the full versions of the videos? Click on Asian Elephants or Brown Bears for the rest of the video.


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